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The Winter of Our Discontent – Session 2: Ultimate Goals | The New School

Freitag, April 27th, 2012

A public conversation with prominent activists, organizers, and political/cultural thinkers about the current state of the Left in America, and where it should be headed, given the game-changing forces unleashed by Occupy Wall Street.

The Winter of Our Discontent: Stepping Back, Taking Stock, and Gazing Forward in the Wake of Occupy Wall Street

The abolition of the state in favor of something more directly participatory — or rather the strengthening of a state in which elected representatives insure universal health care, equal educational opportunity, environmental norms, and so forth? The abolition of capitalism — or else the elaboration of new forms of mixed economy (regulation of markets and financial institutions in order to promote social justice and reverse the polarization of wealth; forging new attitudes towards growth, productivity and consumption in the context of climate change; etc.)? (mehr …)