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Wot u callit?

Donnerstag, November 14th, 2013

The hippy in charge of the sound system is from an eco-farm and has, he tells me, been trying to play ‚politically right-on reggae‘. However, a new crowd – in which the oldest person is maybe seventeen – takes over the crucial jack plug. A young black girl inserts this plug to her Blackberry (iPhones are out for this demographic) and pumps out to dubstep. Or what sounds to me like dubstep.

A few hours later, after I’ve blogged all this under the headline „The Dubstep Rebellion“, some protestors make vigorous representations to me via twitter: they present a detailed playlist of the tracks blasted out in Parliament Square, which proves the music was not dubstep but grime. It was the Grime Rebellion, doh.

– Paul Mason, Why it’s still kicking off everywhere